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Monday, October 12th, 2009
3:18 pm - Save the ta-tas

Hello all-

I am in independent retailer for a company called Athena's Home Novelties. (We do home parties featuring adult toys and novelty products.)

We just launched a new fundraiser to raise money for breast cancer research. We are doing a two part fundraiser.

The first part is to collect 169,000 bras. We are going to be hooking them together to try to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. You can write a name on the bra, if you wish.

The second part is that we are asking for a $5 donation with your bras. Our goal is to raise $500,000. Note, you can donate bras without a donation, but we're trying to raise money as well. Also, you can send along more than 1 bra with your donation.

I am going to be collecting bras and shipping them all up together (saves you shipping), if you want to donate a bra.

Also, if you donate a bra, I'm giving you a $5 credit towards an order placed through me.

To view the press release and the flyer for the event: http://athenasbysarahworley.com/Athena%27s-Cup.php

If you're interested in getting more info or donating a bra, please email me at goddess.sarah83 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
12:17 am - for all four of you out there reading this...

here's something that you love! or that you will love, you just don't know it yet!!!



from here, you can download all of our five-so-far podcasts, hosted by yours truly and the Captain of the Other Team (aka thickmints). he does most of the work - I just show up and be funny. rock!

qvestions? e-mail us at pfalliance@gmail.com or me directly at pfa.myla@gmail.com! I go by the alias Myla Goldberg, an obvious nod to what might be the greatest pop song ever written,

so enjoy, bitches!

PFA: it's not just a podcast.
It's a lifestyle.

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Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
11:55 am - movie debate part II

this will be considerably shorter, seeing that I hate one of these movies and I haven't seen the other.

third movie:
Waking Life
again, very different opinions about it. many people have said that this is the movie that has made them think more than any other, and has spawned the greatest conversations ever had.
others think it's, ONCE AGAIN, pseudo-intellectual bullshit. and they don't like animated things.
this doesn't always seem to apply, but when it comes to movies, I always refer to the biggest expert I know, who happens to also be the love of my life. he would jerk off to any Richard Linklater movie if he could. that ranges from Before Sunrise and Before Sunset to Bad News Bears. (and if he read that, he'd laugh, too.) and he loves Waking Life.
I personally haven't seen it. I really want to. but I also think that it's something one has to be "in the mood" for. say, a lonely evening at home, by oneself, if with one whom one loves. I've heard Me, You, and Everyone We Know is like that too. John loved that.
but for the intents and purposes of this, what's your take on Waking Life? exestentialist wonder or faux intellectual shite?

fourth movie:
Napolean Dynamite
we all know the fate of this film. the middle schoolers I am teaching during my internship love this movie. apparently, the administrators at this school used Napolean during a recent school assembly to get the kids attention.
similarly, this guy who my mom works with, who's a mysoginist asshole, thinks this is the greatest and funniest film ever made. my mom asked me what John and I thought of it, since, you know, we see so many movies, and she just wanted to know.
he and I share an opinion on it. first of all, we were both disappointed. second of all, disappointed is an understatement.
this may be the dumbest and most overhyped film ever. I know many people who have otherwise excellent taste who love it. and I won't insult them in any way, but I will insult the film.
in most "nerd wins out" movies, the protagonist nerd at least has some redeeming qualities. take for example, Angus. one of my favourite high school "nerd wins all" movies ever. I like it because the main character doesn't have to go through some metamorphisis to become accepted. he just is who he is and that's all he remains. and he does well for other people through it.
in Napolean, it feels like you're laughing at the mentally unstable kid who has emotional problems. the worse part is, it feels like he doesn't even try. he has no redeeming qualities, unless you count the "dance sequence" at the end. but I get so annoyed with his character by that point, I don't want to cheer for him at all.
and the whole skinny white guy with the voluptous black woman is not funny. it's been done. it's unoriginal and it feels stale. Bringing Down the House was horrible, too. both the talented Queen Latifah and the brilliant Steve Martin deserve better.
but of course, many people whose tastes I respect and even relate to absolutely think Napolean is the funniest movie ever. I try. I can't get there. not one bit. John and I have discussed this, and two people who might even serve as PFA overlords are so enamored with this movie that it's not even funny. they sing the merits of its brilliant comic timing and flat out silly humor.

so, what do you think?

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11:37 am - movie debate

so I was out with a bunch of PFAs last night, and of course, our Central Florida destination was Winter Park. a residual place of hippies and rich people. score!

started off at the Enzian to see The Aristocrats, which was terrifically funny (my friend Kate said my head looked like it was about to explode!), then to the Mellow Mushroom where all of us got calzones (unbeknownst to each other), and then to our friend Ross's apartment where we discussed the war in Iraq and drunk people.

anyway. we also discussed a few movies, which I thought I should bring up. the question is - is it PFA to love these films, or not? what is their worth or value? are you just a lame scene kid psuedo-intellectual if you like them? three came to mind, and the fourth always comes up in discussions that John and I have.

first film:
Garden State
many literature/creative writing people I know say this movie is a bunch of over-explained sentimental schmaltz. I've heard one person describe it as, "okay, look at this, this is the sad part here, here's the happy part, now I'm going to point to the funny part."
others have described it as The Graduate for our generation. I personally think it's a beautifully shot film, with a wonderful, realistic, subtle story. I think the acting is terrific, particularly Natalie Portman. she is absolutely perfect in the role. but I can see how others can pass it off as sappy.
and of course, as my old history professor once said, "sentimentality is ahistoric and inaccurate, it clouds our vision."
what do you think? of sentimentality or Garden State?

second film:
Donnie Darko
last night, I heard things like, "that movie is so psuedo-intellectual, everything they say about psychology just makes me laugh, I hate stuff like that."
I however, think it's an almost perfect film. I like so many things about it. I love the balance of science fiction and real life drama, I think the performances given are first-rate, by everyone, particularly Jena Malone (maybe I'm just a fan of emotionally disturbed teenage to twenty-something leading ladies), I think the cinematography is amazing. the film looks beautiful. and I think the soundtrack is absolutely perfect. it's incredible. there are so many moments where I listen to Sunday Night Vinyl and I'm transformed to some point in that movie. I did, however, see the extended version, and I liked it a lot for some of the same and some different reasons, but they use a different song in the beginning when they're panning through the neighborhood. it doesn't work. :-/
John says that what keeps him coming back to this movie is it's depiction of high school. it always rings true. and I completely see this.
however, this movie is adored and worshipped by many scene kids, and also consistantly referred to by many psuedo-intellectual assholes I know. someone in my creative writing class last fall, whose opinion I rarely trusted, said that this movie was one of the most "emo" movies she'd ever seen. that didn't make any sense to me.
what do you think?

part II next.

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Monday, June 20th, 2005
6:16 am - guilty pleasures and more.

I was recently shat upon, so to speak.

see, there are things that are NOT quite PFA, but I use them like a drug addict would crack cocaine.

they are, by name, VH1 and livejournal.

a fellow friend, potential goddess of PFA, asked me, "wait, did you just use livejournal and VH1 in the same sentence, and you're our founder?!"

I was ashamed.

so yeah, question.

what makes you, as a true PFA, ashamed? I would call it a guilty pleasure, but sometimes, they get more horrifying than that.

for me, I'll make an admittance that would cause many people to cast me down into borgious land.

but I like Coldplay. I don't think they're that bad.

okay! I went! now you have to, too!

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
10:34 pm - I got friends in low places

I'm here in Denton, U.S.A. my boyfriend says from my description that it sounds like it's cooler than New York, but I'm not so sure about that. however, it is very very cool.

there are a lot of PFAs here. I was out tonight getting pizza with my best friend, and a homeless guy said something to us when Sarah said she only had credit - about buying a 40oz. and a pack of cigarettes - but I still noticed the predominance of our kind here. everyone here has thick glasses, asymmetrical haircuts, vintage clothes, and many have liberal t-shirts. you'd expect everyone in Texas to drive a truck, and many of them do (two hicks whistled at us in the park today, from their truck on the road, as we were walking). but I've seen more persistant Kerry/Edwards stickers on the back of cars than W. granted, this city is all about a huge arts-centered university, likely populated by more PFA's than most. driving alongside campus in 80+ degree weather, I saw a guy wearing a blazer. it screamed PFA to me, and I smiled.

it's pretty cool here though. there's a recycle bookstore with a layout like castle. everything from presidential history to nutrition to why math equations are sexy to every fiction book you could imagine. and a SHITLOAD of used vinyl. if that's not PFA, then I don't know what is!

rock the fuck on.

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Thursday, May 5th, 2005
3:51 am

also, we're sort of changing the name. we can't change the community name, but my (same) friend Kate came up with a good thought. Kate should be the president of PFA; she's one of the PFA-est people I know.

anyway, she said, "why does it have to be Pretentious Fucks Anonymous? I'm not ashamed of my Pretentious Fuckitude!"

that, of course, is another symptom of Pretentious Fuckitude. you're not ashamed to let the world know it.

so from heretofore, PFA will be known as Pretentious Fucks Alliance.

that is all.

your founder,

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3:45 am

hep to it, hepsters!

we need to get this community going. we're better than everyone and we know it, so let's show it.

what has been your most recent or simply, your most PFA moment lately?

a moment that makes you want to chant PFA! PFA! at people?

I did that the other night at my friend Kate's party. we were plaing Loaded Questions, and ended up moving the game to her friends' apartment. I had a serious allergic reaction to the guy's cat, but at one point, we started to discuss why her friend Tom's answers always included "killing all humans" and other communistic responses.

and at some point, I don't remember (and we weren't even drinking, not even wine bitches), we started chanting "PFA! PFA!" poor Ashley, a very sweet flutist but a far cry from a PFA, was very confused.

share some of your recent PFA moments. please.

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
7:36 pm - getting started

does your family refer to you as being pretentious?
do you listen to music most people have never heard of?
do you eat tofu - and like it?
do you laugh at humor that's not supposed to be funny?
do you attend poetry slams/readings - and enjoy them? perform in them?
when the list of top ten highest grossing films for the year comes out, do you remark that you haven't seen a single one of them?
do you feel misunderstood by your peers?
do you wear glasses? when you don't have to?
do you cringe at the mention of NASCAR? Friends? Nickelback? is even Shakespeare too mainstream for you? think you're too cool for Radiohead?
do people tire of you trying to correct their grammar?
do you consider yourself an elitist? 1337, even?
do you go into clubs and say things like, "this song is so six months ago"?
do you refer to your friends' everyday jokes as sophomoric?
do you voluntarily listen to opera?
do you hang around obscure video stores, and understand the way they organize movies?
do you participate in odd causes, just to make a statement? i.e., the guys in front of the student union passing out small flyers that said "STOP TAKING FLYERS IN FRONT OF THE STUDENT UNION?"
do you eat falafel on a regular basis?
do you get art? poetry? wearing blazers when you don't neccessarily have to be dressed up?
do you not use new slang, but rather invent it?
if you live in Orlando, have you been to the Peacock room? played there?
do you live in Winter Park because it's the only suitable neighborhood in town?
do you know way too many specific details about way too many facets of pop culture to the point where you can't carry on normal conversations with people anymore?
do you feel like your future/current field/profession is somewhat isolated from the rest of the commercial world?

are you routinely called "artsy-fartsy" by your friends?
is it because you think you're too cool for them?
well, maybe you are.

if so, you should join a new community that I made. Pretentious Fucks Anonymous. pf_anonymous
of course, you have to be screened for it. c'mon, it wouldn't be AT ALL pretentious if you didn't have to be screened for it. ha.

why? because you should. and you want to be surrounded by other people as cool as you.

wait. no one is as cool as you are. oh well. some people come close.

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