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I got friends in low places

I'm here in Denton, U.S.A. my boyfriend says from my description that it sounds like it's cooler than New York, but I'm not so sure about that. however, it is very very cool.

there are a lot of PFAs here. I was out tonight getting pizza with my best friend, and a homeless guy said something to us when Sarah said she only had credit - about buying a 40oz. and a pack of cigarettes - but I still noticed the predominance of our kind here. everyone here has thick glasses, asymmetrical haircuts, vintage clothes, and many have liberal t-shirts. you'd expect everyone in Texas to drive a truck, and many of them do (two hicks whistled at us in the park today, from their truck on the road, as we were walking). but I've seen more persistant Kerry/Edwards stickers on the back of cars than W. granted, this city is all about a huge arts-centered university, likely populated by more PFA's than most. driving alongside campus in 80+ degree weather, I saw a guy wearing a blazer. it screamed PFA to me, and I smiled.

it's pretty cool here though. there's a recycle bookstore with a layout like castle. everything from presidential history to nutrition to why math equations are sexy to every fiction book you could imagine. and a SHITLOAD of used vinyl. if that's not PFA, then I don't know what is!

rock the fuck on.
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Suspended comment

dude, to say that the Old 97s are "virtually unknown" outside of Texas is whack. we might have to revoke your membership.

no, I'm just kidding. you could be president.