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movie debate part II

this will be considerably shorter, seeing that I hate one of these movies and I haven't seen the other.

third movie:
Waking Life
again, very different opinions about it. many people have said that this is the movie that has made them think more than any other, and has spawned the greatest conversations ever had.
others think it's, ONCE AGAIN, pseudo-intellectual bullshit. and they don't like animated things.
this doesn't always seem to apply, but when it comes to movies, I always refer to the biggest expert I know, who happens to also be the love of my life. he would jerk off to any Richard Linklater movie if he could. that ranges from Before Sunrise and Before Sunset to Bad News Bears. (and if he read that, he'd laugh, too.) and he loves Waking Life.
I personally haven't seen it. I really want to. but I also think that it's something one has to be "in the mood" for. say, a lonely evening at home, by oneself, if with one whom one loves. I've heard Me, You, and Everyone We Know is like that too. John loved that.
but for the intents and purposes of this, what's your take on Waking Life? exestentialist wonder or faux intellectual shite?

fourth movie:
Napolean Dynamite
we all know the fate of this film. the middle schoolers I am teaching during my internship love this movie. apparently, the administrators at this school used Napolean during a recent school assembly to get the kids attention.
similarly, this guy who my mom works with, who's a mysoginist asshole, thinks this is the greatest and funniest film ever made. my mom asked me what John and I thought of it, since, you know, we see so many movies, and she just wanted to know.
he and I share an opinion on it. first of all, we were both disappointed. second of all, disappointed is an understatement.
this may be the dumbest and most overhyped film ever. I know many people who have otherwise excellent taste who love it. and I won't insult them in any way, but I will insult the film.
in most "nerd wins out" movies, the protagonist nerd at least has some redeeming qualities. take for example, Angus. one of my favourite high school "nerd wins all" movies ever. I like it because the main character doesn't have to go through some metamorphisis to become accepted. he just is who he is and that's all he remains. and he does well for other people through it.
in Napolean, it feels like you're laughing at the mentally unstable kid who has emotional problems. the worse part is, it feels like he doesn't even try. he has no redeeming qualities, unless you count the "dance sequence" at the end. but I get so annoyed with his character by that point, I don't want to cheer for him at all.
and the whole skinny white guy with the voluptous black woman is not funny. it's been done. it's unoriginal and it feels stale. Bringing Down the House was horrible, too. both the talented Queen Latifah and the brilliant Steve Martin deserve better.
but of course, many people whose tastes I respect and even relate to absolutely think Napolean is the funniest movie ever. I try. I can't get there. not one bit. John and I have discussed this, and two people who might even serve as PFA overlords are so enamored with this movie that it's not even funny. they sing the merits of its brilliant comic timing and flat out silly humor.

so, what do you think?
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