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getting started

does your family refer to you as being pretentious?
do you listen to music most people have never heard of?
do you eat tofu - and like it?
do you laugh at humor that's not supposed to be funny?
do you attend poetry slams/readings - and enjoy them? perform in them?
when the list of top ten highest grossing films for the year comes out, do you remark that you haven't seen a single one of them?
do you feel misunderstood by your peers?
do you wear glasses? when you don't have to?
do you cringe at the mention of NASCAR? Friends? Nickelback? is even Shakespeare too mainstream for you? think you're too cool for Radiohead?
do people tire of you trying to correct their grammar?
do you consider yourself an elitist? 1337, even?
do you go into clubs and say things like, "this song is so six months ago"?
do you refer to your friends' everyday jokes as sophomoric?
do you voluntarily listen to opera?
do you hang around obscure video stores, and understand the way they organize movies?
do you participate in odd causes, just to make a statement? i.e., the guys in front of the student union passing out small flyers that said "STOP TAKING FLYERS IN FRONT OF THE STUDENT UNION?"
do you eat falafel on a regular basis?
do you get art? poetry? wearing blazers when you don't neccessarily have to be dressed up?
do you not use new slang, but rather invent it?
if you live in Orlando, have you been to the Peacock room? played there?
do you live in Winter Park because it's the only suitable neighborhood in town?
do you know way too many specific details about way too many facets of pop culture to the point where you can't carry on normal conversations with people anymore?
do you feel like your future/current field/profession is somewhat isolated from the rest of the commercial world?

are you routinely called "artsy-fartsy" by your friends?
is it because you think you're too cool for them?
well, maybe you are.

if so, you should join a new community that I made. Pretentious Fucks Anonymous. pf_anonymous
of course, you have to be screened for it. c'mon, it wouldn't be AT ALL pretentious if you didn't have to be screened for it. ha.

why? because you should. and you want to be surrounded by other people as cool as you.

wait. no one is as cool as you are. oh well. some people come close.
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