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guilty pleasures and more.

I was recently shat upon, so to speak.

see, there are things that are NOT quite PFA, but I use them like a drug addict would crack cocaine.

they are, by name, VH1 and livejournal.

a fellow friend, potential goddess of PFA, asked me, "wait, did you just use livejournal and VH1 in the same sentence, and you're our founder?!"

I was ashamed.

so yeah, question.

what makes you, as a true PFA, ashamed? I would call it a guilty pleasure, but sometimes, they get more horrifying than that.

for me, I'll make an admittance that would cause many people to cast me down into borgious land.

but I like Coldplay. I don't think they're that bad.

okay! I went! now you have to, too!
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I'm a programmer and I love this movie. It has no basis in reality, a sh*tty plot and terrible one-dimensional characters, and still I can't get enough. Deeply ashamed? You bet. Will I throw away my copy of the DVD? No way.